Where to find native plants in Ontario

Plants and tags
In the Zone plant tags make it easier to find native plants at local nurseries and garden centres.

What you plant matters. Native plants are the gold standard for attracting pollinators, restoring wildlife habitat, and building healthy natural landscapes that are more resilient to climate change.

It can be difficult to tell which plants are truly local and native. That’s why In the Zone has partnered with growers across southern Ontario to label their native plants, making it easier for you to select plants that benefit the environment. When you see the In the Zone tag, you can be assured that the plant is native and grown from seed collected ethically from southern Ontario source populations.

The In the Zone tag indicates that the plants are:

  • Native to the region
  • Sourced from a local, known original wild population
  • Grown from seeds collected ethically (harvested in a way that does not harm wild populations)
  • Genetically diverse (not propagated clones)
  • Wild-type plants (not cultivars/nativars)
  • Grown without neonicotinoids and glyphosate; other pesticide use is limited
Native plant growers

Look for the In the Zone plant tag at select native plant nurseries.

Native plants at Loblaw garden centres

WWF-Canada is pleased to continue its partnership with Loblaw Companies Limited (Loblaw) to source native plants for select garden centres across southern and eastern Ontario.

Each spring, participating garden centres carry a variety of locally grown and ethically sourced native plants, including shade-and sun-loving species as well as grasses and sedges, all of which grow easily in local conditions. They’ve been carefully selected and grown by the following Ontario native plant growers and will make excellent habitat for pollinators and other wildlife in your garden:

By choosing plants with the special In the Zone tag, you’re assured to get the best plants possible to help local wildlife thrive.


Plant species list for southern Ontario

Plant species list for southern Quebec and eastern Ontario


Plants will be available at participating garden centres beginning in early May. Find your store here: