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Carolinian Canada

Carolinian Canada connects leaders growing healthy landscapes in the spirit and practice of reconciliation. Together we help communities thrive for a green future. Find your place in Canada’s extraordinary far south. CarolinianCanada.ca (Canadian charity 83559 4722).

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WWF – Canada

WWF-Canada creates solutions to the environmental challenges that matter most for Canadians. We work in places that are unique and ecologically important, so that nature, wildlife and people thrive together. Because we are all wildlife. For more information, visit wwf.ca.

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Partners and Supporters

Discover the local partners and supporters helping to deliver this program.

We’d like to thank the following for their support of In the Zone:

City of London

London Middlesex Master Gardeners

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

St. Williams Nursery

Native Trees and Plants

Return the landscape

Forest Gene Conservation Association

Ephemeral Ark Nursery


Alter Eden

Bee Sweet Nature Company

Conservation Halton 

Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Lower Thames Conservation Authority

Hamilton Conservation Authority 

Green Venture 

Burlington Green 

Pollinator Partnership

Town of Lincoln

Municipality of Chatham Kent

TD Friends of the Environment

Ontario Trillium Foundation

The Rotary Club of Toronto

Native Plants in Claremont


We would like to acknowledge the generous support from the Beryl Ivey Fund for In the Zone.

National Retail Partner

Loblaw Companies Limited is helping engage communities in measurable restoration and biodiversity actions by making native plants grown from source-identified and ethically collected seeds available to gardeners across southern Ontario and Quebec.




Carolinian/Ontario specific

Carolinian Canada: Carolinian Species & Habitats

Natural Heritage Information Centre

Healthy Yards Program – Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

Field Botanists of Ontario 

Michigan Flora


Royal Botanical Gardens 

Guelph Arboretum

Credit Valley Conservation

Pollinator Paradise

Project Swallowtail 

General Reference

Bringing Nature Home

Biophilic Cities


North American Native Plant Society


Go Botany

Flora of North America:

Butterfly Host Plants

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