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Carolinian Canada

Carolinian Canada’s network protects an incredible array of rare wildlife and natural treasures from Toronto to Windsor. The charity connects diverse Canadians to healthy landscapes and wild places of Canada’s deep south. Explore Carolinian Canada. You can’t live without it. caroliniancanada.ca

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WWF – Canada

WWF-Canada creates solutions to the environmental challenges that matter most for Canadians. We work in places that are unique and ecologically important, so that nature, wildlife and people thrive together. Because we are all wildlife. For more information, visit wwf.ca.

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Communities, Partners and Supporters

Discover the three unique communities participating in In the Zone, as well as the local partners and supporters helping to deliver this program.


One of Canada’s southernmost municipalities, Leamington sits on the north shore of Lake Erie and includes the famous Point Pelee National Park, a prime example of the Carolinian ecosystem in Canada. Distinct beach, savannah, forest and marsh habitats are home to myriad species including giant swallowtail butterfly, eastern foxsnake, red-headed woodpecker, eastern wood-pewee, and barn swallow.

Dorchester / London

Located in the middle of Canada’s Carolinian Zone, the London/Dorchester area boasts many urban parks, a thriving gardening community, as well as the Thames River, which runs through its centre. Species found here include the red-headed woodpecker, eastern wood-pewee, barn swallow, cerulean warbler, and southern flying-squirrel.


Found on the easternmost edge of the Carolinian Zone, as well as the country’s largest urban centre, the Rouge is also home to Canada’s first national urban park. With a variety of habitats comes a variety of native species including the Jefferson salamander, red-headed woodpecker, barn swallow, wood thrush, southern flying-squirrel, to name a few.

We’d like to thank the following for their support of In the Zone:

City of London

London Middlesex Master Gardeners

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

St. Williams Nursery

Native Trees and Plants

Return the landscape

Forest Gene Conservation Association

Ephemeral Ark Nursery

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Carolinian/Ontario specific

Carolinian Canada: Carolinian Species & Habitats

Natural Heritage Information Centre

Healthy Yards Program – Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

General Reference

Bringing Nature Home

Yard Map of Cornell University

Biophilic Cities

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